Welcome to the journey. Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Tenesha Graham and this is my story... my journey that I happily invite you to join me on. 

 Around 2 years when I lost 40 pounds, I started this blog in order to share with anyone who' listen. Since then, I've made many changes.

After working just over a year in office, I made the decision to transform my life into something more fulfilling. I became a certified Wellness coach through the Spencer institute in the U.S. 2 months later, I quit my job, took a job as a social media assistant which gave me the freedom to rebuild my blog with awhole new look.

Now... the real jourey has began. My dream is live a life filled with passion, enjoy all my interests, travel, learn interests cuisines and be the wellness coach that I can be. I love helping people, to be a support to others and share.

I invite you to join in the adventure, wherever it takes us. As we navigate the journey called life.

Are you interesting in my coaching? Need a little guidance or some support on your own journey? 


My dream is to create a supportive online community. A place where everyone can share, learn, grow and connect with others around the world. We all struggle, let's share our journey together.

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